Click the links to see some of my work published by National Public Radio during my internship on the NewsDesk in the fall of 2018. This is just some select stories — search "Ruben Kimmelman" on NPR's website to see more.

Beluga Charms British With Impromptu Visit

"Dave Andrews couldn't believe what he was seeing. And then he couldn't believe what he was tweeting..."

Klay Thompson Breaks NBA's 3-Point Record Held By Teammate Stephen Curry

"Golden State Warriors' Klay Thompson had only made five 3-point shots throughout the first seven games of the 2018 NBA season. He made 14 Monday night — in one game..."

'Her Radiant Rolls' Put Her Over The Top: Alaska Park Names Its 'Fattest Bear'

"The results are in. And this year's winner in Katmai National Park and Reserve's annual "fattest bear" contest is 409 Beadnose..."

'Moldova To Minnesota: Man Allegedly Faked Death For $2 Million Insurance Payout

"In 2011, police in central Moldova responded to a call reporting a dead body..."

You've Been To Mars And A Comet; Japan's Space Agency Invites You To An Asteroid

"Want to see what it would be like to stand on a asteroid? Well, if you were not a human but rather a seven-inch-diameter, just under 3-inch-tall, hopping robot?..."

Judge Rules Native Americans In North Dakota Must Comply With Voter ID Law

"A federal judge has ruled that Native Americans in North Dakota must comply with the state's recently tightened voter ID law..."

Foreign Pawlicy: North Korea Gives 2 Hunting Pups To South

"Pungsan dogs are a breed known for their loyalty and ferocity — hunting game that has been reported to include wolves, wild boar and big cats. They are also affectionate, social and, in some instances, diplomatic..."

'French Spider-Man' Arrested After Scaling London Skyscraper Without Ropes

"A man who calls himself the "French Spider-Man" illegally scaled one of London's tallest buildings without any ropes or safety gear on Thursday and was promptly arrested..."


Click the links to view some of my freelance work. Photos are my own — click for larger view.

Screen Plays: Meshes Video Art Club

For Reno News & Review — alternative weekly in Reno, Nevada

"Arguably, the name that might come quickest to mind when discussing video artists doesn’t belong to a real person. “Knox Harrington, the video artist,” who may or may not have a cleft asshole, only abides on video, the character’s own supposed medium, in Joel and Ethan Coen’s iconic film The Big Lebowski. Now, how’s that for meta? ... "

Set In Motion

For Reno News & Review — alternative weekly in Reno, Nevada

"David Boyer moved to Reno from Southern California in 1995. The following year, he was one of about 50 million people who bought a ticket to the film Twister. The film dramatizes the work of a team of storm chasers. One character has an aunt who makes kinetic wind sculptures..."

Dancing In The Streets

For Reno News & Review's Artown Guide — the guide is not available online and so the link takes you instead to a Google Doc of my story.

"In 2008, dancer Eve Allen Garza was in the Church Fine Arts building on the University of Nevada, Reno campus hanging upside down in a women’s bathroom mashing rose petals against the ceiling with her feet. The mashing of the petals was not part of the choreography..."


Click the links to see some of my work published by University of Nevada, Reno media outlets. Photos are my own (unless noted) — click for larger view.

First Days In America: Coming To America Reluctantly (Audio Story)

For NPR's Next Generation Radio Bootcamp and published by KUNR— public radio station in Reno, Nevada 

"As a case manager at the Northern Nevada International Center, Rawdhah Al Salihi uses the experiences of her own journey from Iraq to help newly-arrived refugees and immigrants..."

False Rumors Find An Eager Audience In An Immigrant Community On Edge

For Noticiero Movil — UNR sponsored publication focusing on the Hispanic community in Reno, Nevada 

"'Vamos a chismear!' means 'let’s gossip' and is a phrase that might be overheard in an abuela’s kitchen when she picks up the phone and begins a conversation with an old friend..."

Learning From Others, Jean Quan And Gentrification Battles In Oakland

For Our Town Reno — a blog focused on homelessness and housing issues in Reno, Nevada

"Gentrification is fast becoming an important issue here in Reno and might be something you and your friends are discussing over a latte or craft beer..."

If The Presidential Election Doesn't Get Voters To The Polls, Washoe County Question 1 Should

For #RSJVote Electionpalooza — UNR's Medium site setup for 2016 election coverage 

"Washoe County voters will decide in November if an approximate half percent increase in sales tax is necessary for the renovation, repair, acquisition and construction of public school facilities..."

Are You Really The 'Real Nevada'?

For Reynolds Media Lab Sandbox - A blog produced by UNR instructor Nico Colombant to showcase student work 

Not my photo / credit Jacob Althoff

“I am the real Nevada,” read the shirts distributed for free to students at the University of Nevada, Reno this semester..."

Conjuring A Connection To The Past, Using Tools Of The Future

For Noticiero Movil - UNR sponsored publication focusing on the Hispanic community in Reno, Nevada

"“I’m a bruja and I’m a witch, ‘cause they’re the same thing,” said Valeria Ruelas, or @themexicanwitch as she’s known on Instagram..."