H Street Festival 2018

The H Street Festival happens annually in Washington, D.C. I attended in October 2018. Click link for more.

Lower Bobs

Lower Bobs is a DIY skatepark next to the I-880 freeway in West Oakland. I went there in September 2018 with my friend Travis Holloway, who is the skateboarder in this collection. Lower Click link for more.

Chinatown SF

Goofy photos from a fun day in Chinatown with a few friends in September 2018.  Lower Click link for more.

Fall Drive

These photos are from a drive I took to Western Virginia in October 2018. Click link for more.

Mount Pleasant At Night

Some photos from a night out in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of Washington, D.C. in October 2018. Click link for more.

Water and Texture at Faucherie Lake

Faucherie is a small and hard-to-reach lake north of Truckee, California. Photos from summer 2018. Click link for more.

Video Art Night

Meshes is a monthly event at the Holland Project in Reno, Nevada, that showcases video art. I covered the exhibit for Reno News & Review and these are some extra photos. Click link for more.

Destination Dance 2018

Destination Dance 2018 was a site specific dance tour put on as part of Artown Month in Reno, Nevada. I covered the tour for Reno News & Review's Artown Guide. Click link for more.